Reciprocal Clubs

In addition to fine dining, club hosted events and accommodations that The Athenaeum provides to members and guests, membership also affords one the privilege of admission to other private reciprocal clubs around the globe. All that is needed is a letter of introduction from The Athenaeum to the reciprocal club stating that The Athenaeum member is a member in good standing.

Members will have to contact the reciprocal club directly to check operating hours or make reservations for dining or guestroom accommodations. Letters of introduction may be obtained from The Athenaeum membership department. Requests for letters of introduction should be made about a week prior to the date(s) of visit. Each letter of introduction covers a maximum visit period of a month.  For more information on reciprocal clubs and letters of introduction, kindly contact the Front Desk at (626) 395-8200 or by email at
[email protected].

Each reciprocal club has its own regulations and restrictions on use by reciprocal guests. Listings of the club services can be found on each club’s website. Reciprocal clubs require advance notification and identification from The Athenaeum regarding your intended visit. Reciprocal clubs may refuse to accommodate those without prior arrangement. The member must be present to utilize reciprocal facilities; reciprocity privileges cannot be transferred to non-members. All reciprocal clubs require that charges be tendered upon time of service. Clubs will accept major credit cards, local currency, or travelers’ checks for payment. Please check directly with the reciprocal club for payment requirements.

A list of The Athenaeum's participating reciprocal club networks is provided below.

To obtain a Letter of Introduction from The Athenaeum: 

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