The Athenaeum has private rooms available for all kinds of social functions including private parties, birthday parties, receptions, weddings, bridal and baby showers, bar/bat mitzvahs, quincea├▒eras, board meetings and retreats, and any special occasion. The Athenaeum has well-trained team members to assist in every detail of planning.

  • Main Lounge
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      The beautiful wood-paneled Main Lounge is an elegant venue for receptions, dinners or meetings. The impressive cast-stone fireplace and elegant windows lend appeal to this room for any gathering.

      The Main Lounge can seat:
      80 people | tables of 10
      40 people | conference style
      150 people | theatre style configuration
      45 people | U-shaped pattern

  • Main Dining Room
      The Main Dining Room at The Athenaeum is a spectacular space with dramatic soaring ceilings stencilled and decorated by Giovanni Battista Smeraldi. Private Events have special meaning when held in this impressive, historical room.

      The Main Dining Room can seat:
      140 people | tables of 10
      60 people | conference style
      150 people | theatre style configuration
      95 people | U-shaped pattern

  • Hall of Associates
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      The Hall of Associates is the perfect, elegant room for any special occasion or corporate gathering. The spectacular decorative ceiling draws your eyes up to the row of University Seals from prestigous places of learning around the world.

      The Hall of Associates can seat:
      110 people | tables of 10
      40 people | conference style
      120 people | theatre style configuration
      45 people | U-shaped pattern

  • East / West Rooms
    • The East/West Rooms can be used together to create a charming space for a special dinner or reception. When seperated by a carved wood panel they become intimate dining rooms.

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      The East/West Rooms together can seat:
      40 people | tables of 10
      25 people | conference style
      45 people | theatre style configuration
      15 people | U-shaped pattern

      The East Room can seat:
      12 people | tables of 10
      14 people | conference style
      10 people | theatre style configuration

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      The West Room can seat:
      12 people | tables of 10
      16 people | conference style
      15 people | theatre style configuration
  • Card Room
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      The Card Room is a cheerful, bright, and airy room that is especially loved for both card parties or business lunches.

      The Card Room can seat:
      30 people | tables of 10
      25 people | conference style
      30 people | theatre style configuration

  • Library
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      The Library has always been favored for special member events. The Library's architectural details, painted barrel vault ceilings, and wood paneled walls provide a stately setting for celebratory dinners or business meetings.

      The Library can seat:
      30 people | tables of 10
      22 people | conference style
      40 people | theatre style configuration.

  • East Patio
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      The East Patio is the perfect location for a smaller outdoor event. The manicured gardens and cast stone statuary add an elegant note for any occasion.

      The East Patio can seat:
      70 people | tables of 10
      100 people | theatre style configuration.
  • West Patio
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      The West Patio provides a venue with all of the spectacular architectural details the Athenaeum has to offer as well as a perfect view of the Olive Walk down the center axis of Caltech. The impressive columns and portico surround your event and present a rich backdrop your guests will remember always.

      The West patio can seat
      190 people | tables of 10
      200 people | theatre style configuration
  • Rathskeller
    • The Rathskeller is The Athenaeum's casual venue, very versatile for any number of meetings or dining. Equipped with flat panel TVs and pool tables there is plenty of room to accomodate whatever party theme you can dream up.

      The Rathskeller can seat:
      100 people | tables of 10
  • Hayman Lounge
    • The Hayman Lounge is located right off the lobby and showcases Caltech's Nobel Laureates in framed photographs on the walls.

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      The Hayman Lounge can seat:
      12 people | conference style
  • Mezzanine
    • The Mezzanine is up a short flight of stairs off the lobby of the Athenaeum and is a bright, sun filled room, perfect for a small conference. The Mezzanine also holds many memories of happy times as the ready-room for Athenaeum brides. There is an abundance of seating and mirrors to accomodate small or large bridal parties.

      The Mezzanine can seat:
      16 people | conference style
  • The Wine Cellar
    • The Wine Cellar is just the place to host an intimate Wine Dinner for 16 of your closest friends. Our Executive Chef Kevin Isacsson can prepare the meal of your dreams and Jerry Rodriguez, the Director of Food & Beverage will assist you in pairing each course with spectacular wines.

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      The Wine Cellar can seat:
      16 people | banquet style

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