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The Athenaeum is among the preeminent university faculty clubs and one of Pasadena’s notable civic assets. It is a treasured focal center for the exchange of ideas between scholars and enthusiasts of science, technology, art, literature, history, and government. It is not uncommon to come across the most renowned scholars in their fields — including well-known Nobel laureates — sharing thoughts and discussing current research while gathered for a meal in the dining room or drinks in the Hayman Lounge.

The bond formed between the California Institute of Technology, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Huntington Library, and its many auxiliary affiliates provides a unique strength towards interdisciplinary collaboration. The Athenaeum has been the readily available substrate for all sorts of these discussions for over 80 years. The creative, intellectual energy proliferates to every corner of the building. Thus, The Athenaeum naturally holds a very special stature on the Caltech campus and in its surrounding community.

Today, The Athenaeum has approximately 4,000 members that include students, alumni, faculty, research staff and administrators from Caltech, JPL, the Huntington Library, members of the Associates of the California Institute of Technology, and supporting affiliates. The Athenaeum has recently been named a Platinum Club of America and been placed among the top 4% of America's 5,000 private clubs in terms of perceived excellence. The Athenaeum proudly earned numerous honors and accolades, most recently achieving the Award of Merit from the International Wine Society of the Club Managers Association of America for the commitment to fine wine & dining experience.

Since it opened its doors in 1930, The Athenaeum has held numerous cherished memories, significant milestones, formed friendships, and a venue to celebrate innovative thinking. It has become a trusted home-away-from-home and a beloved center of colleague camaraderie, community involvement, and family-oriented occasions. All year round, members take pleasure in the privilege of excellent dining experiences, exclusive club events, an ongoing calendar of diverse and special interest activities, prestigious reciprocal club access, sophisticated hotel services, and the use of private tennis courts. The Athenaeum’s legacy has remained strong and has continued to thrive due to the support and dedication of its valued membership.

Benefits and Services Include:

  • Restaurant Dining: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and To-Go Programs
  • Bar & Lounge
  • Casual Restaurant Dining (winter)
  • Al Fresco Dining (summer)
  • Adult and Family-Orientated Special Events
  • Wine & Spirits and Culinary Events
  • Holiday Events
  • Private Event Facility
  • Reciprocal Club (local, domestic, & international)
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Tennis Courts

The Athenaeum is for the use of the members of the club. The services and amenities of the Athenaeum are not to be used by a member for any fund raising event, or be used in a commercial enterprise that directly profits the Athenaeum member, without the written permission of the Athenaeum. No products or services of the Athenaeum may be sold by individuals, whether members or not.

The Athenaeum’s name and address may not be used in any form of public advertising or listing without approval prior to publication. No papers, flyers, notices, placards, pictures or other written material may be posted, published or distributed with the Athenaeum name or logo without prior written permission of the general manager.

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